South Korea: Natives demand withdrawal of visa waiver for Chinese Nationals

After the murder of a Korean woman last week at the Jeju City chapel, over 11000 people have signed an online petition, requesting the Jeju Island government (South Korea) to withdraw the visa-free facility provided to Chinese nationals.

The online petition received support from 10,000 people in just one day, since the launch on a Daum Agora page (an opinion exchange forum). The Petitioners urged the government to rebuke the visa waiver program, which was started to encourage travelers to the resort island.

The murder of a 61-year-old Korean woman in the Jeju City, Chapel by a 50-year-old Chinese national, have led the people to sign the petition.

The woman was attacked while praying; she died the next day. Earlier this month, Chinese tourists attacked a female restaurant owner for not allowing them to drink alcohol which was bought outside the restaurant.

The person who initiated the process said, "Jeju is a valuable tourist resource. It has become lawless as Chinese are allowed to visit without a visa. People's safety is more important than tourism revenue."

One participant said, "I am a Jeju resident who loves this island. I feel concerned for the safety of my wife and children when they go out. I hope visa waiver programs are abolished for all foreigners, not only Chinese."

Responding to the criticism, the Governor of the province, Won, has rejected the option of rebuking the visa program. He assured to take measures to deter crime.

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