India Facing High Refusals in Canada Visit Visa Due to Fraud Consultants

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India Facing High Refusals in Canada Visit Visa Due to Fraud Consultants

Rampant fraud is occurring in the highest number of Indian visitor-visas that are being declined. Growing misrepresentation and fraud as a result of illegal “ghost consultants” has been criticized for this sad state of affairs.

Data produced by the Canadian government reveals that false submissions have nearly tripled. In 2017, 0.9% of all Indian visitor-visa refusals were for misrepresentation; from Jan to May in 2019, the number surged to 2.5%.

In reply to the growing number of denials for Indian appeals, the federal government worked out a knowledge campaign in June 2019, focusing on Indians appealing for visas.

Sections that are Emphasized in the Campaign:

  • Unofficial agents
  • Document misrepresentation and fraud
  • How to report cheating
  • Defend yourself against misleading

There is proof to recommend that visa appellants are in on the fraud as they part with huge sums of money to obtain paperwork needed to get a visa in the primary place, if not a false visa.

Recently in this April, it was announced that 6 persons had been arrested in Chandigarh, it includes an IELTS coach, in contact with false immigration stamps, the police told on 11 Aug 2019. They deserve to have seized 62 passports from their property. One individual would affix false immigration stamps of different countries on the passports to generate a fraudulent travel history as this helped in obtaining a visa from the embassy involved, the police announced.

Fraudulent bank stamps were utilized by them to produce fake bank account statements.

There are well above 700 immigration consultancies in Chandigarh alone, and a large number of those are not enrolled. A cottage industry producing false letters and documents has been thriving for years, and there is proof to recommend that plenty of visitors to western nations, notably Canada, have slipped through unidentified.

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