Immigration consultants violating Canada federal sponsorship rules

Canada The Immigration consultants partnered with some refugee sponsorship groups are violating the Canada Federal rules on sponsorship by charging thousands of dollars to the refugees for the arrangements. The practices by the consultants are against the Canada Federal rules and they are targeting the Syrians who are in the gulf countries with work permits.

The consultants are making money out of the resourceful clients who are rich and lucrative living in the refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. The unethical practices by the immigration consultants are at alarming rate and it is found that many of the Canadian citizens are profiting by sponsoring the Syrian Refugees.

The act of the consultants also violates the financial guidelines of the refugee program of the Canada as the consultants are demanding the upfront amount for the full resettlement in Canada. Making money out of the crisis is not humane, the Government wanted to help the people who are the victims of the Syrian crisis.

Canada Immigration plan for 2016 has given highest priority to invite the Syrians from the war prone zone. The advertisements are being published and meetings are being conducted by the immigration consultants to lure the Syrians for settlement.

Canada has been proactive in welcoming the potential immigrants the Canada Immigration Minister John McCallum has visited Jordan and met the refugees and assured them of the best possible help from the Canada.

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