Immigrant Posing As Teenage Student Captured In Canada

Since six months  a foreign student was attending a High School in Windsor Ontario as a 17 year old teenage guy in 11th grade at a school.

Immigrant posing as teenage student captured in Canada

Johnathan Nicola whose height is 6 feet 9 inches was also basketball player who played for senior boys team of Catholic Central High School.

He turn out to be an aged man, from Sudan in Canada, who was on student visa and his actual age is 29 years. The truth was revealed when he applied for tourist visa to the US.

Canada immigration department had compared his fingerprints on file and match with with his previous application while entering the US but both were different and with much earlier date of birth than that present on the passport he submitted while entering Canada previous November.

It was unlawful to make fake statements while applying to reside in Canada and that man was detained in Detention centre of Windsor for violating the Act of Canadian Immigration.

As per the school, approval from immigration department was there when he started the school. The man had one hearing and other hearing is on 26th April. He is in custody in detention centre as precautionary measure.

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