Canada Warns Indians About Illegal Immigration through Immigration Consultants

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Canada Warns Indians About Illegal Immigration through Immigration Consultants

It’s been years since Citizens of India have been attending to move foreign countries or overseas, for a variety of purposes, varying from better education to more significant career opportunities.

There is a massive increase in the Indians number choosing to acquire Canada PR, as much as 51 percent, as revealed by the recent Canada statistics.

However, there is news that Ottawa is giving out warnings upon the use of Indian immigration agents, owing to alleged scams and frauds related to immigration and other rules.

51% Increase in Indians Obtaining Canadian PR

Countries such as the Canada and US have always been at the first of the preference list in the places to move. However, in modern times, the US has hardened its noose and made more stringent rules, making it a massive feat for enthusiastic Indians to receive a US visa and to move over there.

On the other side is Canada, which has opened the doors broader for enthusiastic people who want to migrate to Canada and settle there, and Indians have used no time in getting this opportunity.

As per the report, IRCC says there has been a massive 51 percent jump in the Indians number getting the Canadian PR in 2018, as related to 2017.

Given the vast regulations and rules that the US has set for H1-B visa applicants, the flow to Canada is not a shock at all.

Government of Canada Cautions Upon the Use of Immigration Agents

Canada has taken parameters to publish offline and online media to warn about visa applicants upon listing immigration agents for guidance in acquiring Canada PR. The country has begun an information drive that will support temporary resident visa candidates go through the process without difficulty.

Government of Canada is urging candidates to choose an online method for appealing to a Canadian visa, rather than depending on agents of immigration to escape being caught up in “fraudster” consultants for immigration and general immigration scams.

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