Canada: Oak Bay Police Warns Regarding Visa Scam After a Loss of $5,000

Canada: Oak Bay Police Warns Regarding Visa Scam After a Loss of $5,000

An Oak Bay-based senior is lost USD 5,000 after a caller intimating that he is calling from Visa office and told her there was a false purchase for that amount on her credit card at eBay.

After believing the caller the woman provided all the details related to the credit card to the caller like her credit card number, security number, expiry date and lost $5,000 to the scammer during this process.

That was succeeded by a call from a genuine Visa representative, who informed her about the false purchase and notified her that her card had been canceled. After some time when the scammer called her, the woman identified to just fix-up.

Oak Bay Police Preventive Measures on Similar Type of Scams

Day Bernoties, Oak Bay Police Chief told that the department usually hears about these type cases repeatedly.

We have few members to present their talks to seniors and try to attempt to educate them on the few scams and also how to control them, he told. In usual, if you are at all worried, you should just hang up and reach your bank or credit card company immediately. Bernoties told seniors in care may also be exposed.

It’s essential that seniors in care get strengthened messaging from their caregivers, he told. In fact, few families may need to think taking effective steps to overcome the possibilities of this fraud happening. It is advisable to work on this with your respective bank.

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