UK Working Holiday Maker Extradited From Australia

An individual from UK who has been staying on working holiday visa in Australia has been recently extradited.

He was extradited from Australia to the UK after a verdict that his work was not meeting the requirement of working holiday visa of Australia. The individual was working with a startup firm.

UK working holidaymaker extradited from Australia

Many says that the officials from Australian Immigration department takes the view that doing job for a startup firm was not in keeping with the needs of working holiday visa.

Those who come on this visa usually works in hospitality, tourism or agricultural sectors. You could do any type of job but you could only do job for single employer for least period of six months.

Working holiday subclass 417 visa and work and holiday visas subclass 462 still remains worthy for many individuals. Compared to other job related visas it has easy and fast application process under working holiday visa if your age is between 18 and 30 years.

The individual’s case who has been deported highlights that tiny startups and businesses  are not presently catered for by the system of Australian visa. They required to get approved by Australian government for being able to sponsor a worker from overseas, but the nature of business means that they are too petite to qualify. It also highlight the truth that many visa types do not work together.

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