Melbourne Woman Gets 18 Months Imprisonment For Visa Fraud

An investigation by the Immigration Department of Australia has revealed that a woman in Melbourne has provided foreign students with fake work references for their applications for permanent skilled migration.

Victoria’s County Court has verdict a 47 year old woman from Melbourne to a year and half imprisonment and a bond of good behavior with around $2000 fine following convicted of visa fraud.

The woman was accused of dishonestly influencing an official after an investigation by the Immigration Department of Australia.

She was in the group of individuals who has been charged with providing fake job references to students on temporary visas for their applications of permanent skilled migration.

As per the Investigation Department of Australia, fake job references has been submitted to Australia Trades Recognition for assessment of over 100 skilled visa applicants.

This kind of fraud is not only unfair but unscrupulous also. It gives few individuals benefit in application process for visa over others who abide by the rules.

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