Australia To Close 17 Immigration Detention Centres

Australian immigration Minister told that they are going to close as many as 17 detention centers which was started by Labor and which are being closed by the government.

The number of kids in detention centers has been reduced  and Australia is determined that they are not going to witness any more people drowning in the sea again.

The minister did not mention which facilities will get closed, but the immigration department has listed 10 centres on its website.

Australia’s oldest detention centres are located in Melbourne and Sydney which are fifty years old. and which are also utilized for other visa infringements by foreign visitors.

The other detention centres  are located in Christmas Island, Perth,  Darwin, and also in Western Australia. There are centers of transit accommodation for immigration in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide for less risk detainees and society based  family style housing for detainees in Sydney, Perth, Christmas Island, Augusta and Adelaide.

Two years earlier, former Immigration Minster had closed four detention centers in Scherger, Pontville, Leonora and  Port Augusta.

The declaration came as the Turnbull government struggle with refugees and asylum seekers in detention centre at  Manus Island, that the PNG Supreme Court  declared previous week was illegitimate , leading the Prime Minister of PNG to declare it will be closed down.

Around 450 refugees has been declared as genuine and Australia rules out bringing them back and also turn down offer by New Zealand for taking 150 individuals.

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