The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in his latest conference said that those living  in Australia as immigrants or refugees seeking asylum would have horrendous consequences if found in deportation cases on the grounds of criminal offences.


Australia in the last 5 years have revoked and deported close to 5000 immigrants on the grounds of criminal offenses/character issues being reported against them. The authorities command zero tolerance for those whose visas are revoked on the basis of character in Australia. They would be forced to go to home irrespective of the visa status or validity. A man who has spent almost his life in Australia about 30 years has been asked to leave on the same grounds.


In the last twelve months alone close to 1000 immigrants visas were cancelled on character grounds. New Laws are being sought after to safeguard the Australian community from those who try to harm them and anyone found guilty would be sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.


Of those who were deported were those who were found guilty against several criminal offenses like rape, murders and child sex offenses. Morrison had under Section 501 said the immigrants will have to be convicted under the Migrants act and are to be sentenced to jail with their visas getting cancelled automatically.


The federal agency said that those whose visas are revoked on the basis of “Error by Law” can make an appeal to the high court and further investigations would be done. The officials also said that those who cannot return to the homeland would be kept in the detention centre of life.


Australian government constantly make newer laws to ensure the community is safe from the illegal or immigrants with character issues reported under Section 501 of Migrants Act, 1958.


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