Australia Tourism Warns on a Million-dollar Scam Aimed at Chinese Tourists

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Australia Tourism Warns on a Million-dollar Scam Aimed at Chinese Tourists

Australian tourism operators have announced a warning on a multi-million-dollar scam focusing on Chinese tourists. They tell tourists may not be conscious that they have been picked up in the scam, which is fetching tourism operators millions of dollars.

They are unaware of the problem till they turn up to the attraction, and, sometimes, they are enjoying the appeal, but the companies are the ones being affected at the following date, told Brad Ostermeyer, Victorian Tourism Council chief executive.

Complete Information About the Multi-million-dollar Scam

Utilizing the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat, scammers pretend as travel agents to provide heavily-discounted tickets for tourist attractiveness. The scammers, who have a stolen credit card information database, promote a ticket to a tourist attraction at a reduced price - for instance, $20. The scammer steals the $20 and utilizes a stolen credit card number to buy a full-price ticket for around $300.

The legal owner of the credit card opposes the charge, and the tourism operator is expected by law to return the money.

Eureka Skydeck, located in Melbourne, is one of the many operators over Australia to be stung. John Forman, the General manager, tells the scam cost his company thousands of dollars. 

To date, it's cost our company $44,000, and that's credited back to credit cards that have been wrongly used and stolen.

Dreamland, located on the Gold Coast of Queensland, was also among the attractions aimed. Harbour Bridge Climb ay Sydney states it lost plenty of thousands of dollars to this scam in 2018.

Tourism officials state buying tickets straight from the tourist operators is the most reliable way to assure personal information remain safe - and a holiday is essential for the right intentions.

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