According to thousands of leaked reports, abuse in Australian immigration detention centers has been prevalent. This has further prompted the rights group to demand for new centers for the resettlement of the refugees.

The reports said that child abuse, sexual assault, and self-harm in Australian immigration facilities on Nauru have been a regular activity.

Asylum-seekers arriving by boat at Australian shores are directly sent to Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island & Pacific island of Nauru. 442 detainees in Nauru and over 800 detainees in Manus Island were denied resettlement in Australia. They refused to return back to their home country.

2000 different incidents have been reported in the leaked information to The Guardian Australia. Prolonged detention lead to mental distress, cases of self-harm has been reported.

The leaked documents have been drafted by the staff in the detention center and released by Immigration Regime at the detention center.

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