Australian Police Crack Gang Smuggling Drugs From US

Australian Police Crack Gang Smuggling Drugs From US

An organized crime gang involved in smuggling large quantities of drugs into Queensland from the US has been broken up by law enforcement authorities in Australia.

Officers from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) conducted a six-month investigation about an organized crime group which resulted in raids on properties linked to the group. 3kgs of methamphetamine worth above A$1 million ($695,000), gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), cannabis, drug paraphernalia and cash were found in these properties and were seized as per law. 10 people suspected to be members of the gang were arrested by the QPS detectives and charged with 40 offences - importation of a border-restricted drug-possession, trafficking and supply of dangerous drugs, stealing, money laundering and  possession of proceeds of crime, among others.

A man belonging to the Gold Coast, aged 46, who police said is the gang leader, conducted regular US trips, from where he coordinated smuggling of narcotics to Queensland. The drugs were trafficked from South Carolina, near Us-Mexico border via courier services.

Drugs in comic books

The investigation conducted by QPS officers revealed that members of the gang in the US would hide bags of methamphetamine in comic books and then send them to Queensland where other members in Australia received them for distribution across the Gold coast.

A major criminal gang was broken up and more than 30,000 hits cleared off Queensland street, Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said when speaking about the investigation and arrests. He stated that the effort and resources devoted to the operation show the commitment of the country and the police towards uncovering and breaking such gangs - who impact on the local community. We will continue to work and take every opportunity to stop crime gangs in Australia, he said.

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