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Beware of Fake Profiles – Visa Privacy


You get your visa through your consultancy. They are so proud of you that they flaunt it on their ‘Hall of Fame.’ You decide to go online and let all your friends know. That’s when you see a dozen messages from friends asking why you created a new profile and are sending strange messages.

Such a case recently happened with Swati Kumar (names have been changed for privacy). She got her visa from a consultancy in Bangalore and they decided to display her details to showcase their success. A week later someone created a profile using her identity and started sending obscene messages to all her friends. She had reported this to that networking site and got the profile removed and he was tracked down. After retracing his steps, it let to this consultancy where he got her details.

He happened to have created many such profiles by bumping information from consultancies’ bulletin boards. Similar cases have taken place because of information displayed by consultancies to showcase their success.

Please do not let your consultancy display your details especially your visas on display. Better yet opt for a consultancy that chooses your privacy over their success.

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